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Hi, I'm the Countess Kitsch, but you can call me Kitschy. I might be a vampire. Who knows?




I just received the painted sculpture by the brilliant Michael Locascio of Dellamorte & Co, based on my Poe portrait! He looks incredible!

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My Chemical Romance | Vampires Will Never Hurt You

Can you take this spike?
Will it fill our hearts with thoughts of endless
Night time sky?
Can you take this spike?
Will it wash away this jet black feeling?

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Goth problem: never knowing which sub-genre you want to dress in for the day.

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jugglenauts said: Just be a metal head. ONE OF US. ONE OF US.

Can’t. Love to, but can’t.

Lovely followers, follow this idiot. He’s pretty cool.

Uggggggggggggh, sometimes I hate goths. Somebody¬†(I won’t say who) just came to me worried that she couldn’t be a goth because of her race and body type. And you know what? She was totally justified in her fears, because goths can be so mean and racist and just all around hateful.¬†

It’s just gross and icky how we treat each other. Anyone else want to bitch about the scene with me?

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